Will the relationship with the US suffer if Kim Jong Un’s sister takes over North Korea?


In the wake of COVID-19, leaders from every country are on the world stage working with other countries to combat the virus. Except for one. North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, has not been seen publicly for two weeks. 

Kim Jong Un has been the defining presence of North Korea for the past eight years. He is insistent on being the face of one of the most volatile countries in the world. North Korea has been at the forefront of news since his rise to power. He has dallied with nuclear weapons and imposes a threat to surrounding countries. Since 2016, Kim Jong Un’s relationship with America has been caustic.

Attempts to pronounce sanctions and promote anti-nuclear agreements only aggravated the challenged leader to embellish his nuclear activities. He has personally supervised media propaganda to ensure the world knows he is powerful and in control. Suspicions arose, however, when Kim did not attend the anniversary of his grandfather’s birthday known as The Day of the Sun. Shortly thereafter, he missed the celebration for the founding of the North Korean army. These are two very auspicious occasions for North Korea. Then, why the silence?

Kim’s disappearance from the public has fueled reports that he is in ill health. Underground reporters suggest Kim underwent cardiovascular surgery and is in grave condition. Others infer he is on his deathbed. Just recently, reports have bubbled up that he has already died. Where would that put North Korea if he were to die?

According to the line of succession, Kim’s most likely replacement is his sister, Kim Yo Jong. Since Kim’s ascent to the throne, Kim Yo Jong has served him loyally as his closest aide. Her presence was even more pronounced during Kim’s visit to China. The question is, “Is North Korea ready for a female dictator?”

The United States, on the other hand, is primed and ready to work with female leaders. Some of the most endearing world leaders were great American allies. Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir brought unity and resolve to world peace. Is it possible Kim Yo Jong could bridge the gap of contention between North Korea and the rest of the world?


Look at what other people are saying about Kim Jong Un’s replacement.



One respondent commented, “Yes, I think it is a trust issue and we have gotten to where we cannot trust.”

Another respondent said, “Honestly, it could a little bit because North Korea and the US are pretty tight right now and if he wanted to protect the throne, it could cause problems.”

This respondent had this opinion. “Yes, I think it will. If his sister who is next to come in line is a little more ruthless than Kim Jong Un is and I think it poses a threat for the global systems.”

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