Should Athletes Receive Pay-Cuts to Aid Others


A multitude has been dealt a bad hand financially with the coronavirus outbreak. Those whose jobs are not deemed essential have been put on unpaid leave, or unfortunately laid off. For some, they are lucky enough to still maintain their jobs, yet the financial burden is still prevalent. 

Companies, like those of large franchises and of high value, have certain plans in place to aid in unemployment issues. 

A few of the large English Premier League clubs have fallen on the ‘Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme’, allowing for an 80% pay rate of their normal wage to employees on temporary leave, averaging 2,500 pounds or around $3,095 per month. 

Though this system has been put in place by the UK, multiple have begun to criticize the players themselves. Being a footballer for the clubs in this league comes with a high wage, averaging $3.7 million per year, the masses are asking the question, why aren’t these players taking pay cuts to help their employees?

Some clubs sprung to action such as Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, who decided on a wage cut of 70%. Juventus took it a step further and declared a 100% wage cut for four months to help those in need. 

Help from the high paid players is beneficial and appreciated, however, the majority of people are unaware of the club’s overall worth. Plenty of the clubs are financially stable enough to support both their players and their non-playing staff. Others are looking at the owners who, according to Forbes, have a# combined wealth of about $85 million. 


Though systems are in place, with the ability to do more to help those in need, a revaluation might be considered.

Voice & Nation asked the public if they thought professional athletes should take pay-cuts to help the club’s employees on furlough. Here’s what they had to say.


A strongly opinionated respondent stated, “Absolutely, why should they be making millions of dollars?”

“I don’t think they should be forced, but I do think they should be encouraged to donate” stated another.


To hear more responses, view the video above. 

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