How Is the Internet Handling Stay-at-Home?: Savanta


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Everyone being home, are internet servers prepared to take on millions as they work from home? Is there anything put into play so the internet does not crash as much?

Up until now, working from home you have probably experienced a technical glitch or two. Maybe, the Zoom call froze, or Netflix buffered more than usual. Whatever the technical difficulties, remember you are not the only one working from home. 

Internet traffic happens. Although the internet is resilient and specifically designed to adapt to these spikes, no one was prepared for the one we are living through now. The internet is better prepared than you think it is. Although Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, as well as others, are worried social media platforms might not be able to handle this surge much longer. However, experts reassure that everything should be fine.  

Savanta has surveyed Americans 18 and older on their input on having access to online activities throughout the month of April. 62% of respondents have access to online workouts/yoga. 36% of respondents have access to learning/training opportunities. Whereas only 19% of respondents have access to volunteering opportunities. 

Throughout the month of April more, and more people have access to more online activities. The number will likely go up each week as the stay at home order remains in effect. 


Here at Voice & Nation, we asked people on the web: have you had issues connecting to the internet?


One respondent said, “I have had no issues at all pertaining to my internet connection. I just use the wifi at home, or the data on my phone.” 

Another respondent claimed, “The internet has definitely been slow, much slower on zoom/skype calls, even using the cellular network, like AT&T  the quality is lower, the connection and speeds are lower.”

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