The NCAA Lost a Top Prospect to the G-League?

Jalen Green announced last Thursday on his Instagram account that he would forgo attending college in the fall, and instead sign with the NBA’s developmental initiative program.

The initiative is run through the NBA’s G-League affiliate program and focuses on developing young prospects into NBA caliber players.

Jalen Green who is a #1 ranked high school athlete in the nation according to ESPN said in his announcement video on Instagram that, “It’s been a crazy exciting experience for me and my family. A lot of opportunities came but the ultimate end goal is to get to the NBA.”

Jalen will be the first major prospect to take this route, as prior to this groundbreaking decision players had the two choices of going the collegiate route or taking their game overseas. 

According to ESPN the contract’s pay for young athletes that choose to take this route range in value from 500,000 to 1,000,000 dollars. The pay also includes financial incentives for games played and community events attended. 

The question remains for the NCAA whether they should begin paying their collegiate athletes. 


Now that the G-League has implemented this program that could potentially snatch many top prospects from powerhouse schools, the NCAA must act accordingly.

If this were to continue many highly recruited players would think twice about playing one year in the collegiate level for no pay, and instead cash in with the G-League while also playing against the highly competitive competition. 

Voice & Nation brought this topic to people on the internet and here is what they had to say about whether or not the NCAA should pay collegiate athletes. 




This respondent said, ”Yes, There’s a lot of money that is made of them… they work very hard and a lot of them could qualify to play at a higher professional level. “


Another respondent said,” No, I don’t think so. You have a certain talent…I went to college, I got a scholarship, that’s enough money for you be able to say…” you did a good job, you are here at this location because you are a good athlete”, but no I don’t think you should be paid until yo you get to the pros…”


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