MLB Evaluating Option of League Realignment for 2020 Season


Major League Baseball’s(MLB) Opening Day was scheduled for March 26th of 2020. It’s been almost 3 weeks since that date, and baseball fans are still stuck on their porches rather than spending the evening at the ballpark due to COVID-19.

The MLB is trying to get back to baseball as soon as possible. The league is looking into a few different options and scenarios that could start the season by early May.

The first solution is an entire league and division realignment. This would put each team back at their spring training state which would either be Arizona or Florida. 

Under the proposal, Arizona spring training teams would be in the Cactus League, while Florida spring training teams would be in the Grapefruit League. 

The teams would then be put into a new division with the teams that share the same spring training state.

By doing this teams don’t have to leave the state to play games, and will also be able to use their spring training baseball sites as their home field for the season.

The games would obviously be played with no fans in attendance, although they could easily be broadcasted live like any other regular-season game.


This proposal which has been very common throughout media outlets could very well be the route the league chooses. The question remains how fans will respond to the league changes. 

Major League Baseball must hope that whichever decision is made they have the fans full support. 

Although this is just one of the numerous proposals on the table, the MLB looks eager to start the season as almost a month of play has gone down the drain without a game’s first pitch being thrown.

Voice & Nation brought this concerning topic to people on the internet and here is what they had to say.


One respondent said,” It’s a great idea… it will keep our MLB fans busy and occupied.”

This respondent said,” If that’s what we need to do to save lives I’m good with it.”

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