Antonio Brown Facing Three Criminal Charges


Antonio Brown has had a disastrous year as he’s seen his career hit absolute rock bottom with all the off the field turmoil he has been involved in.

Last week his year got even worse as he was formally charged with 3 criminal offenses that took place in late January.

The charges range from burglary with battery, burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and criminal mischief. 

The incident involved Brown assaulting a moving truck driver after refusing to pay the driver to release his household goods.

When the truck finally drove away Brown reportedly threw a rock at the truck which conjured another altercation that saw Brown try to throw the driver out of the truck.

Earlier this year Brown signed with the Patriots after a horrible break up with the NFL’s Oakland Raiders.

He only played one game for the Patriots as he was released after a sexual assault allegation from his previous athletic trainer hit media outlets. The case against the athletic trainer is currently underway in a civil courtroom.


After Brown was released from the Patriots he went on a social media rampage as he named dropped players, media outlets, and also Patriots owner Robert Kraft. 

It appears that Antonio Brown might have burned all of his bridges back into the NFL as numerous analysts don’t believe the star receiver will ever find a job in the league again.

Brown has already spoken down on revamped XFL, but with little options left it might be his only opportunity at another shot on the field. 

Antonio Brown must either change his actions or reap the repercussions. 


One respondent said, “Surely he can find something else to do to surprise us all.”

This respondent said, “Once you start that downward spiral you’re only going to continue to fall.”


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