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One of the most beautiful things about American democracy is the freedom to choose. Americans have the right to agree or disagree. We are free to descent and criticize. Having the right to our own opinion generates strength and self-worth. It is when that opinion is squelched or politicized that our freedoms begin to erode. 

During the Coronavirus crisis, the United States has become more vulnerable than ever before. The virus has challenged our resolve and decimated our economy. It brought death and misfortune to every American life. Why would anyone want to politicize it and use these liabilities for their own gain?

While most Americans have banned together to fight against the virus, politicians have seemingly used it for their advantage. Two stimulus packages issued to the American people who are flailing from this pandemic have been stalled. Both times, politicians held the release of those funds for two weeks before their demands were met. Media giants have used the virus to accuse our president of “murder” and “malpractice.”

Not only have misdealings gone on behind the scenes, but some politicians have also admittedly chosen to use the virus as leverage to gain political prowess. Rather than yielding to the will of the people, government leaders have used their platform to denounce efforts, take away freedoms, and disparage leadership. Countries like China are placing blame on the United States to deflect their fallacies. Savanta shows consumers are more concerned about the condition of the country. Things like job security, household financial health, and physical health weigh heavier on Americans’ minds than politics. Savanta research reveals 78% of the American public is concerned about the overall state of the economy because of COVID-19. That is something politicians should make a priority.

The politicization of COVID-19 is despicable. The American people are dying both inside and out. Civility demands we lay politics aside and work together to fight this invisible enemy. United, we stand. Divided, we fall.

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One respondent commented, “Our President has gotten on national television and called it the Chinese virus. If that’s not politicizing something, I don’t know what is. We need to stop politicizing this. This is a scientific issue. We need to solve this scientifically. We need to stop fighting each other because no one is responsible for it. We need to stop fighting and work together as a community.”

Another respondent said, “Yes it has. People are saying that it is coming from China, from people, is airborne, and all types of stuff. Yes, it has been politicized.”

This respondent had this opinion. “To a point, it has been politicized. A good case in point in this state, the governor has issued a “stay at home order” and one political party, the Republicans, have decided to fight that as political gain versus what is actually according to the science .”

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