U.S States Begin Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions!: Savanta


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It’s been several weeks since stay-in shelter requirements were announced on a federal scale. This nationwide quarantine has been seen with both criticism and also praise as the nation attempts to regain its footing. 

President Donald Trump has spoken to media outlets about what’s next for the country and has focused on giving the power to the state’s governors. 

Trump suggested that state officials should determine when they should reopen their state, and what protocols they should put in place. 

Although Trump is passing his powers down to state officials, the current population has mixed feelings about whether or not states should be reopening this early.

Savanta ran a survey asking the public how they feel about the government and public response to COVID-19? 53% percent of the surveyed population thought the government should do more to force self-isolation. In addition, 56% percent of consumers think the government should be cautious and keep as much closed as possible. Only 22% percent of the population thinks there has been an overreaction and we need to let people go back to work.

States across the country have announced their decisions involving reopening amid President Trump’s statements.


Majority of the deep south states such as Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee have already declared that many formally closed businesses will be allowed to reopen in the very near future.

Meanwhile, most northeastern states have decided to extend their remain-in shelter ordinances until at least the middle of May.

Voice & Nation brought this topic to people on the internet and here is what they had to say about reopening states across the country.




Our respondent said,” It’s still people out here with the virus…people are still going to be sick”


This respondent said, ” there are still hotspots, and there are still places where we risk a second and third wave if we don’t stay closed longer.”



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