Streaming Faith Services Will Minimize The Spread Of COVID-19?: Savanta


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This year’s COVID-19 pandemic has forced the majority of businesses to close temporarily or find other ways to effectively complete their work.

Since the beginning of April, the federal government has preached social distancing at all costs, while the majority of states have implemented rules banning the congregation of large numbers of people. 

This also goes for places of worship that have been coming up with alternative ways to conduct their worship services.

Over the past few weeks, the nation has seen drive-in services as well as virtual services to appease the current social distancing protocols. 

Even with these attempts to obey the social distancing rules plenty of citizens across the nation can’t way to be allowed back in their place of worship. 

Savanta ran a survey asking its population what they wanted to do the most during the current isolation period? Savanta concluded that 26% percent of the population most wanted to return to their place of worship. 

Returning to their place of worship only narrowly placed fifth behind, going shopping which accounted for 31% percent and going on vacation which totaled 32% percent of the survey population. 


While numerous states plan to reopen certain businesses in the following weeks, don’t expect places of worship to allow congregations in the hundreds to flood into their doors.

Places of worship across the country will most likely continue to use alternative methods until the end of May.

The news might not be what many citizens wanted to hear, but taking these precautions could be the deciding factor between life and death in this ever-changing society. 

Voice & Nation brought this topic to people on the internet and here is what they had to apport when asked if they had practiced their religion through online services since COVID-19?




Our respondent said,” I didn’t really practice religion beforehand either so it’s not really a departure from normal.”


This respondent stated,” To an extent yes… but I’ve done it at home and am proud that I can.”


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