U.S Commercial Jets Remain Grounded Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic


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The current U.S commercial jetliner industry is at a standstill while Americans continue to stay in place during the nationwide quarantine.

Airlines across the nation are suffering huge losses as they are currently fighting off bankruptcy during the current pandemic.

According to Conde Nast Traveler,70 airlines around the world have grounded themselves completely.” They also report that Most U.S. airlines are shuttling their planes to long-term storage facilities, usually located in the desert, which specialize in keeping a plane operational even when it’s not flying.”

Commercial Airliners are being forced to park the majority of their planes at airports and parking bays as outgoing flights remain at a minimum in the country.

Airlines are having to pay a hefty price for spots to park their planes, as prices can range from 1,000 dollars a day to almost 30,000 dollars.

Savanta ran a survey asking the population what changes to their travel plans were made during the previous week? The results showcased that 50% percent of surveyed people changed their travel plans to avoid flying. Results also showed that 46% percent of the surveyed population changed their domestic travel plans, while 22% percent of the population changed their international travel plans.


 Normally crowded airports remain silent ghost towns, U.S airliners are bracing for huge losses and government assistance. 

The current airline industry is now in the hands of the U.S Senate as they attempt to pass a bailout bill to save the airline industry’s bottom line. 

Voice & Nation brought this topic to people on the internet and asked them if they would risk flying during this pandemic? Here is what they had to say about this topic.




This respondent said, ”I don’t think it’s safe to travel to other countries or places at this time.”


Another respondent, “I have a not so great immune system, and as somebody with asthma if I were to get COVID-19, I would not serve it.”


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