Why are Americans Not Trusting News Outlets? Savanta


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Various news outlets have already begun reporting on the fact that some places within the United States are re-opening their states. In fact, Georgia is to re-open its state and businesses. Las Vegas is to re-open its casinos ignoring COVID-19 official’s pleas to stay at home. Which leads Americans to question, what does Georgia and Las Vegas know that the rest of us don’t?  

Nevada has more than 4,000 reported cases and 187 reported deaths. Although, we are not sure how many directly correlate to Las Vegas. Nevada governor Steve Sisolak, told Anderson Cooper in an interview, “We are clearly not ready to open.” 

Whereas Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi have opened up businesses other than what has been deemed as essential, ignoring information about COVID-19 from the CDC. 

With updates about multiple states in the U.S., Americans can’t help wondering if they trust these officials, their own, or even the news outlets providing them with accurate information regarding COVID-19.  

Savanta has interviewed individuals of the age 18 and up, wanting to know who consumers trust for reliable COVID-19 information? 46% of individuals trust local health professionals. 37% of individuals trust government advice, like the CDC. Whereas only 31% of individuals trust 31% of National News Channels. 




Why exactly do Americans not trust news regarding COVID-19?  While we are not completely sure, certain news outlets have been known to spread “fake news.” Or spread information that has already been debunked by COVID-19 specialists. With this misrepresentation, Americans might think all news channels are that way, and that Americans themselves know what is truly best for their community. 

Here at Voice & Nation, we asked people on the web: do you trust news outlets with the information you are receiving regarding COVID-19?


One respondent said, “Yes I do because I don’t see why it would benefit anybody to create fake news about it. I think most of the news I have watched has shown a lot of research by professors and people who know what they are talking about when they are describing the pandemic.”

Another respondent claimed, “No I do not. I think it is hard to trust the media, and news in general. They have become less reliable over time.” 

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