Social Media Calls for Bailout


Social media has been used to unite society in their way of thinking, in fact, people on various social media apps have been pleading that the government needs to bail out people who are in severe financial distress before corporations who may have lost money in the stock market crash. In fact, Twitter has coined the #BailOutHumans, which calls for the government to bail out people, not corporations. 

Bill Pulte, Twitter philanthropist talks about helping fellow Americans and the social media movement as a whole. Bill Pulte is well known on Twitter for giving back to the community. Nearly every day, Pulte randomly selects someone to win some money, anywhere between $500 and $10,000. Pulte says, “Congress needs to pass relief funding so Americans can eat. The average American is really struggling, our movement is Americans helping each other. Collectively we raised $56,000, where the average donation was only $18.” Via video interview with Dana from Fox News. 

Although Pulte giving back to the community and encouraging others to do so helps thousands that do not seem to be enough. Millions of Americans are struggling and are not in a position to have a Twitter philanthropist help them get through their day to day lives. 

Some good news during this pandemic, Representative Ilhan Omar introduced a bill that would enact rent and mortgage cancellation. This is a policy that puts those struggling to pay rent/mortgage at the front of the policy agenda. Another Coronavirus relief package, almost $500 billion was approved last week. However, advocates and low-wage workers claim that the package doesn’t do enough to address the immediate harms of the crisis. 


Here at Voice & Nation, we asked people on the web: should the government focus more on people rather than on corporations during COVID-19?


One respondent said, “People make up corporations, so to me, it makes more sense to keep up those foundations strong. We need to take care of our people first.”

Another respondent claimed, “Stupid question. People matter, especially the common people. We matter more than Trump’s rich, higher up millionaires. We need the help. They don’t.” 

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