Should Trump have ordered Iran ships to be “shot out of the water” if they continue to harass US Navy ships?


Americans have placed considerable focus on COVID-19 for the past few months. It is easy to forget, however, there are nemeses around the world looking to cash in on the vulnerabilities of the United States. America’s age-old enemy, the Iranian regime, continues to bombard the US with any ploy they can use.

To understand America’s history with Iran, readers don’t have to go too far back to see why there is such acrimony between the two countries. Since the Islamic Revolution in 1978, Iran has focused its attention on destroying America. In 1979, they took 153 hostages from the American Embassy. In 1983, 278 US marines were bombed and killed by Iranian forces while sleeping in their beds. In 1984, the United States backed Iraq in military aggression against Iran and declared the Islamic Revolution a terrorist organization. In 2002, Iran is labeled as part of the “axis of evil” by President George Bush. In 2015, John Kerry offers a monetary peace offering to Iran in the amount of $1.8 Billion in cash and another projected $50 Billion in subsidies. 

This March, Iran missiles targeted American troops killing two soldiers. In retaliation, US ships attacked Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah militia group locations in Iraq and stationed navy ships in the Persian Gulf to thwart future attacks. 

During the week of April 20, 2020, Iranian gunboats started harassing the US navy ships with aggressive threats of attack. Regardless of their impotency and inferior capabilities, Iran continues to “pick a fight” with the US military. Why? Who knows? The United States no more wants a war with Iran than Iran wants a war with the United States. What is causing friction between the two? 

It doesn’t matter to President Trump. His immediate orders after being told of Iran’s harassment tactics were to “shoot them out of the water.” Some would call that warmongering; others would call it wise. President Trump has made it very clear that he fights fire with fire. He will not back down to countries trying to impose their ideology on the United States.

Was it wise? Only time will tell. To date, Iranian gunboats have not come near US navy ships.


Look at what other people are saying about President Trump’s orders to shoot Iranian gunboats out of the water.


One respondent commented, “I do think it was wise for President Trump to threaten Iran. If at any time we are weak they will take advantage of the situation and will wage an all-scale war.”

Another respondent said, “No, it was not wise for President Trump to threaten Iran because that is not a nice thing to do to another government. That is starting a war.”

This respondent had this opinion. “No, I don’t think it was wise. We are all going through some hard times right now with closing the borders, and I think it was a bad decision.”

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