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It seems to be all the rage now. The media is scrambling to ask questions about why there isn’t enough testing for COVID-19. The federal government is pushing back, saying there is plenty of testing available, and sources are everywhere. What is the truth?

The complexity of testing COVID-19 is apparent. We have a country of over 330 million people. Having a test available for every American citizen would increase the strained costs of the Coronavirus. In addition, it would heavily tax healthcare personnel already in the throes of despair. Then, there is the reality of how many epidemiologists it would take to run the tests. It stands to reason that all 330 million citizens do not need to be tested. Besides, test kits are coming from both federal and private industries with some disparities. So, the CDC has established protocol for Americans to request testing if they are experiencing symptoms of the virus.

While most Americans are eager to follow that protocol, it begs the questions, “Where?” Where can COVID-19 tests be found? Complaints have been rampant about local doctors not having testing available and hospitals experiencing shortages on tests. To date, over five million tests have been conducted across the country in high-volume COVID-19 areas. The President has promised a complete focus on testing and will expand testing capacity further.

Rest assured, this has become a top priority for the COVID-19 Task Force. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birks are working with laboratories in every state to secure testing equipment and kits. As shown in the briefing on April 22, 2020, Dr. Birks presented a map of numerous laboratories throughout each state that has testing available for COVID-19. According to their statements, it is incumbent upon local media and leaders to get the word out where people can go to be tested. 

There are currently two tests available for COVID-19 that will produce the desired results. The molecular tests are used to show the presence of the virus infection. To the chagrin of physicians and healthcare workers alike, the molecular analysis doesn’t necessarily mean the virus isn’t present if it tests negative. There is evidence of people testing negative only to elevate to a different stage after testing. Patients testing negative are then assessed based on exposure and vulnerabilities.

The serological test (which is more sparse) detects antibodies. These results enable physicians to see if the person being tested has had the virus before. If they have, hopefully, immunity has been built up to provide plasma to use for ailing patients.

It is quite clear that offering such intricate testing within a few weeks has been nothing short of miraculous. Abbott Laboratories, Labcorp, and the CDC are working tirelessly with the COVID-19 Task Force to distribute tests where needed. 

Testing for COVID-19 has been extremely complicated. Savanta research makes it very clear that the virus is alive and well as are the fears of people getting it. Over half of the American public is concerned about contracting COVID-19, while 42% know of someone who has the disease. Naturally, with these stats, US citizens want more testing. Amazingly, however, tests are available in every state; and resources are ready for patients to be tested. As always, Americans have been blessed with the most state-of-the-art sources to help fight the Coronavirus.


If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, contact your local Quest Diagnostic Lab or Labcorp locations immediately, and request testing. They will direct you to a testing location nearest you. 

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One respondent commented, “My stepdad works in a hospital. He currently has 30 patients that are suspected of suffering from COVID. None of them have currently been able to get tested for COVID because their hospital has not been able to get their hands-on tests. Thanks, government.”

Another respondent said, “Yes, I feel like the government is providing enough tests. It’s just that people are not wanting to go get tested.”

This respondent had this opinion. “No, I don’t think they are providing enough tests. There are a lot of people who are still waiting for tests especially healthcare workers who are waiting for tests and they are being denied at this time.”

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