Are Americans Heavily Dependent on Entertainment Media During This Pandemic? Savanta


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As the national pandemic drags on, many Americans find themselves still stuck indoors, with nothing to do other than watch television, surf the web or play video games. This may be a good way to pass the time, but are Americans heavily dependent on entertainment media during this time? 

Shows like Tiger King and Little Fires Everywhere have taken the world by storm during the pandemic however, would these shows be as popular if they weren’t released during the pandemic? TikTok the social media app has taken the world by storm as well, families all over the world have participated in TikTok dance challenges. Video games have even been played more due to everyone being at home. 

Savanta has conducted research on Americans 18 and older and decided to focus on individuals playing video games. The research has found that 12% of individuals have started playing video games now that they have been home. 31% of individuals state that they have started playing more video games than usual. 


Overall, entertainment media may be what is helping citizens pass the time during the tough times we find ourselves in.


Here at Voice & Nation, we asked people on the web: have you increased the engagement with entertainment media during the pandemic?


One respondent said, “Yes, of course, I have, because we are staying home more. So we are using more Netflix, we are watching more television. So yes definitely.”

Another respondent claimed, “No, our media engagement has actually lessened, as we have spent more time playing board games, reading stories, taking walks as a family.”

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