Tv Shows: 2020 Canceled List


Due to COVID-19, many fan-favorite television shows are unable to resume filming. Which means some of your favorite television shows may be canceled. Sadly, some of the shows canceled are not going to resume filming. 

Below is the list for ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and The CW shows that have been canceled. However, new comedies and dramas have been picked up. Click here to see the full list, along with the new shows. 

ABC has been known for its legendary series Grey’s Anatomy, which thankfully has been renewed. Various television shows still await being renewed like the moving drama, A Million Little Things, or the light comedy Indebted, starring Fran Drescher. Unfortunately, fan favorites How to Get Away with Murder and Modern Family have been canceled. 

NBC has been famous for its hit dramas. The Chicago franchise has been renewed along with the hit comedy Brooklyn 99. However, The Good Place and Will and Grace have been canceled. Luckily, there are still some shows awaiting a decision, like the hit show Good Girls starring Christina Hendricks. 

CBS, known for their crime shows and comedies, are renewing Evil and Young Sheldon. While various crime shows have been canceled like Criminal Minds and Hawaii Five-O. Comedies like Man with a Plan and The Neighborhood await the decision. 

Fox, known for the longest-running comedy cartoon The Simpsons, will be renewed. Although Fox’s other hit cartoon Bob’s Burgers is unsure of their fate. Unfortunately, we are sad to see the hit drama Empire to go. 


The CW hit series Supernatural is getting canceled. However, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has been renewed. 

Here at Voice & Nation, we asked people on the web: are any of your favorite shows canceled because of COVID-19?


One respondent said, “No I watch a lot of Netflix, Amazon Prime shows, as well as listen to podcasts and reading.” 

Another respondent claimed, “Yes, I know the rest of the season for Grey’s Anatomy was cut short due to COVID-19.”  

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