John Krasinski: Your 2020 High School DJ

The Office star, John Krasinski has created a Youtube show, “Some Good News,” in which he had used to share good news during these trying times. Krasinski has shared that he is going to be hosting a virtual prom for those who are missing out on theirs. 

John Krasinski and wife Emily Blunt have given back to children in their community but are now extending their generosity for everyone during the pandemic. Not only have they arranged for children to be surprised by the entire cast of hit musical Hamilton, they have decided to host a prom. Krasinski took to Instagram and wrote, “That’s right class of 2020. I’m DJing your prom with some friends this Friday night 8EST/PST!! Click link in bio for invitation! See you then!”

We are all curious about which of Krasinski’s friends are going to make an appearance at 2020’s virtual prom. Maybe a few familiar faces from The Office will show up. 

Here at Voice & Nation, we asked people on the web if they think more celebrities should give back to their communities during the pandemic like Krasinski is? 



One respondent said, “I just think it’s good for celebrities to be able to be there for people and be a positive influence for everyone that is struggling… Being able to be positive is what is able to make everyone (feel) happy. I would say that John Krasinski is a good role model for that. A lot of people should follow his suit.”

Another respondent claimed, “Absolutely, I feel that more celebrities should help out during Coronavirus. Most of the people who watch them are just average Americans making average wages, just like myself, my husband, and my family. We’ve supported you all these years, support us back. It would be great.”  

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