Has Hollywood been generous with their donations during COVID-19?


The natural inclination for several people is to believe that Hollywood actors are all wealthy. If the truth is known, the average salary for an actor is only $50,000 per annum. For A-listers, however, the average wage per movie runs between $15-$20 million. The movie-going public has made some celebrities wealthy and kept them comfortable in a luxurious lifestyle. 

In the wake of COVID-19, is Hollywood giving back?

It has been pleasantly surprising that Hollywood and sports celebrities, in general, have a giving heart, especially to their communities. The National Basketball Association solicited and engaged celebrity players who had been infected with the virus to give their plasma after their recovery. Collectively, NBA players are also donating to pay the salaries of hourly wage earners during the shutdown. The National Football League has engaged celebrity players to deliver public service announcements to encourage Americans during this time, and they have donated more than $35M to COVID-19 relief efforts. 

That is not to mention the Hollywood actors and actresses who have donated millions of dollars to numerous relief efforts during our country’s pandemic. Listed below are just a few:

These are only a few of the celebrity donations for the COVID-19 outbreak. Several celebrities are focused on their neighborhoods and the trials that face their cities. Of the funds’ celebrities are donating, a large percent is going to food banks to feed the needy, especially during the shutdown. Celebrities seem burdened for our first responders and healthcare providers and are also contributing to their welfare. 

The Coronavirus is no respecter of persons. It has impacted young and old alike; rich and poor; healthy and unhealthy. Hollywood is doing its part to fight the invisible enemy as we try to defeat it together. 


Voice & Nation has asked some to provide their opinions about Hollywood donations. See below what they are saying.


One respondent commented, “Yes, because many celebrities are raising millions of dollars for the cause.”

Another respondent said, “Hollywood has been generous enough because they have donated many millions of dollars.”

This respondent had this opinion. “Although some celebrities have donated a lot of money, I believe a lot more can be given especially with how much money they receive compared to someone else.”

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