Tiger King, Joe Exotic is Done with Carol Baskin

For twelve consecutive days, The Tiger King has been streamed all over the world on Netflix. The docuseries follows the story of zoo owner, Joe Exotic and his plot in murder for hire against enemy Carole Baskin. Are you intrigued yet?

Joe Exotic is, in his own words, “a gun-toting, gay, polygamist, tiger loving zoo owner, and country-western singer.” He owns G.W. Zoo in Oklahoma, however, it was taken over by Jeff Lowe when Exotic found himself in hot water with enemy Carole Baskin.

Carole Baskin, owner of Big Cat Rescue, took Joe Exotic to court over copyright for Big Cat Rescue’s logo. However, the feud between the two goes deeper than legal fees. Exotic’s disdain for Baskin stems from her trying to shut Exotic’s zoo down, mixed with how her husband mysteriously disappeared. 

The feud between the two got overly heated when Exotic allegedly hired a hitman to “take Carole out” for three thousand dollars. Which landed him behind bars. He is currently serving a 22-year sentence for his role in conspiring the murder-for-hire plot, and for animal welfare violations.  

Since being arrested, Exotic has admitted what he did and how he treated his animals was wrong. In an interview he tells Variety, he deeply regrets his actions towards his animals, saying “I’m ashamed of myself.” He challenges viewers of the documentary to try sitting in a cage like his animals did. 


He claims he is done with the Carole Baskin drama. He says, “it is now time to turn the table and get out of jail a free man and be exonerated from all these charges.” from a sitdown interview with Variety

Here at Voice & Nation, we asked people on the web if they believe Joe Exotic is really done with Carol Baskin?


One respondent said, “Joe Exotic seems pretty crazy. He likes the attention. I don’t think he is finished with Carol.”

While another said, “Joe genuinely seemed like a changed man at the end of the docuseries…I liked how he seems to admits what he was doing was wrong, and I agree. Seeing animals in cages is really sad…I just think he got himself in a whole bunch of trouble, and probably if he is released he doesn’t want to get back into trouble. I don’t know, I tend to see the good in people. Maybe I am wrong.”

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