Mourning Celebrities In Quarantine


It’s no surprise even the rich and famous are getting sick during a pandemic. However, some are recovering while others are dying. Stars like Fountain of Wayne frontman, Adam Schlesinger, Lean on Me singer,  Bill Withers, and The Flash actor, Logan Williams have passed. 

Adam Schlesinger, an award-winning singer-songwriter, has reportedly died at the age of 52, due to complications after being diagnosed with coronavirus. You can read more about Schlesinger’s story here. 

Bill Withers, the three-time Grammy winner, reportedly died at age 81 due to heart complications. His death comes as the public has drawn inspiration from his music, to get through these difficult times. You can read more about Withers’ story here. 

Logan Williams, a young actor, reportedly died at age 16. While the cause of death has not been released, multiple people everywhere are devastated to see a young soul go soon. To hear more about Williams’ story click here. 

As a society that looks up to celebrities, it is devastating stars we all know and love are dying. It is difficult to bear watching the families and friends of these stars not be able to host a proper funeral for them or grieve surrounded by others. 

We are all saddened over the passing of these stars. Nonetheless, our only option is to remain vigilant. We are still on quarantine due to COVID-19, the families cannot grieve the right way. Funerals are still on lockdown, funerals cannot have more than 10 people. That is if these individuals are in a state that is not on lockdown and it also depends on if that said person died due to COVID-19. Those victims of the virus will be buried alone. 


It is unfair to prevent families from performing a funeral/ritual for their loved one, however, we as a society cannot lose any more people to this terrible pandemic. 

Here is where the inquiry raises, should funerals and rituals be modified due to the COVID-19 pandemic? In Voice & Nation, we asked people on the internet their thoughts about funeral rituals and COVID-19.


One respondent said, “This really depends on the capacity of the funeral or ritual. It is safe in low numbers, but for celebrities, it probably is not.”

While another said, “Yes, social distancing is key in this situation. That takes precedence over funeral rituals.”

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