About Our Latest Opinion Polls and News Online

The Voice & Nation Polls consists of an impartial data collection and analysis process which provides a realistic insight into public opinions on the latest breaking news. When accuracy, truth, and insight into the most recent trends matter, our polls receive, package and release balanced and objective research results you can rely on. Our quality polls are designed to help our audience understand current public opinion trends on politics, crime, entertainment, etc., and make informed decisions based on our methodologically sound and defensible results.

To gain the quality which our audience deserves, our experts carefully develop and administer our polls from start to end. Each project begins with a questionnaire development where each question is structured to best answer inquiries that the public may have about the latest events in the US and the world. To prevent any form of respondents’ bias, we develop each set of answer options with carefulness and expertise. With this approach, our data is unpolluted, and our audience of article readers and video viewers are served with unbiased, non-misleading information.

We collect data primarily through direct communication with the respondents using online surveys, which are a non-probabilistic data collection method. We understand, however, that not all online polls are the same and we employ screener questions as a quality control measure eliminating respondents who are not truthful or are not paying attention to questions. We eliminate up to 90% of participants in some demographics with our screener questions to ensure the results are more quality than quantity.

Another quality control measure we adopt to ensure sound and reliable information is the use of set quotas which guarantee that each poll sample has the right number of poll representatives. We structure this to a percentage similar to the US population according to the census, and some of the demographics that we consider include age, gender, race, ethnicity, geography and political party affiliations (for politically related polls). For perfect feedback from respondents, these quotas are monitored permanently during the field dates.

To keep the margin of error as low as possible, each of our polls is targeted to have a minimum number of respondents, and our usual sample size of 300 completed feedbacks has a margin of error of +/- 5.66% at 95% confidence level. This is a standard confidence level in social studies and proves the quality of our surveys. We also include qualitative questions that their answers are recorded and submitted by participants in video format, and these videos help us understand each topic better.

Comprehensively, Voice & Nation Polls are designed to serve as reliable news polls, driving on the extensive capacity of quantitative and qualitative resources, our expert researchers and our industry experienced professionals.

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